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Apply today to make money. Q 3D Phone affiliates are assigned a unique link to use in their social media. Affiliates will be paid a commission on sales that result from clicks through their links. Payouts monthly on commissions earned through affiliate links.

Affiliate Do’s
– Promote Q 3D Phones on your social media
– Write about us in your blog or website
– Create videos using and promoting the Q Phone
– Place the Q Phone banners and materials we provide on your sites
– Share your custom affiliate link with your fans, followers  and subscribers

Affiliate Don’t’s
– Don’t use your affiliate link on coupon and deal sites
– Don’t false advertise or disparage Q Phone in any manner
– Don’t change the Q Phone banners or logos
– Don’t use your affiliate link for your own purchases
– Don’t offer unofficial coupon codes or discounts

Learn more about the Q3D Phone and apply to be an affiliate below.