Q 3D Smartphone FAQs

Q. What is the warranty for the Q 3D Smartphone?
A. The product comes with a 12 month limited warranty. See page 56 of the product manual for details. The product manual can also be found in the download folder of the Q Phone.

Q. What voids the warranty?
A. See page 58 of the product manual for “What the warranty does not cover.” Especially note that the following actions will void the warranty:
– Removing the back frame of the device, totally or partially.
– Removing or attempting to remove the device software which will effect its basic operations.

Q. How can I get warranty service for a defective or broken phone?
A. See Warranty Service instructions on page 62 of the product manual.

Q. Can you repair a cracked screen?
A. Yes, the cost is approximately $119, and takes about 15 minutes for the technician to repair.

Q. What is your return policy?
A. Returns accepted within 15 days of purchase if Qoobex is the retailer. Product must be in the original box and packaging and include all accessories that came with the purchase. If purchased from a different retailer, please be guided by their return policy.

Q. What is your refund policy?
A. If we accept the return according to our terms and conditions, the purchase price will be 100% refunded.

Q. Which phone carriers are compatible with the Q Phone?
A. In the United States: T-Mobile, AT&T and Metro PCS. Verizon coming soon.
In China: China Telecom, China Mobile and China Unicom.
In other countries: all carriers, to the best of our knowledge.

Q. How do I set up the Q Phone to work with my carrier?
A. Plug/insert the sim card and play, almost always the Q Phone connects automatically in a few seconds. Very rarely the user may need to input the APN (Access Point Name) settings of its carrier.

Q. How can I access the Q app and other content?
A. The Q app comes already installed on the device. It gives access to:
– a selection of professional 3D movies
– sharing of your 3D photos
– a selection of games (coming soon)
– access to live events in 3D (coming soon)

Q. Does the Q Phone come with anti-virus software installed?
A. The Q Phone comes with all the secure anti-virus, anti-malware and anti-phishing protection provided through the Android OS, by Google. We do not recommend adding any additional software for this purpose. The Q Phone is super secure if the user follows the simple rules of use:
– Always lock the device when not in use.
– Do not allow physical access to the device to other users without your knowledge.
– Do not download software from unsecured and unverified sources.
– Do not browse questionable websites.
– Only open email attachments from trusted sources.
– Never send personal data via email or social media (passwords, credit card information, etc.)
– Never log in to sensitive services, such as banking services, in public places, even via secure a connection.
– Allow or enable regular security updates.

Q. Does the Q Phone run the Android OS?
A. Yes. The Q Phone runs Android 9.0 OS, the latest and most secure version.

Q. How are updates to the OS and software done? Do I need to take any action?
A. Alerts for updates and new available software will pop up on the phone screen periodically. The user should agree, and the installation of the updates starts automatically. It is good for the user to do the updates a few times per year. Same for the Qoobex app.