Q 3D Smartphone

4G LTE super smartphone and real glasses-free 3-D HD device.

Designed for the way that we live in 21st century, Q Phone brings breakthrough innovation to the global market.

Q Phone features a state-of-the-art native 3-D 5.99” screen and 3-D camera. The fundamentally superior, truly immersive, 3-D imagery provides unique experiences to Q Phone users. Users enjoy crystal clear native ‘glasses-free’ 3-D movies and capture unique 3-D photos and 3-D videos. Through the power of the Qoobex 3-D ecosystem, Q Phone users can share their 3-D photos with anyone around the world, for free!

Includes charger. Compatible with AT&T, T-Mobile and Metro PCS. Shipped unlocked, use with any SIM card.
Qoobex 3-D Platform app installed.
Screen: 5.99″
Shipped in the Q Box: 5.7″ (14.5 cm each side); weight 21.17 oz. (600 grams).
Model: Qphone2019_A
Android (TM) 9.0 Pie (Android is a trademark of Google LLC)

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